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As a leading digital media marketing agency, Pink Owl Media fuels your business success with powerful, robust, and data-driven digital marketing campaigns.


Audits, Custom Dashboards, & Data to Empower Growth-Enabling Decisions

We are data-hungry number geeks. We live, eat and breathe data. Data is at the core of everything we do and stand for (and not surprisingly, why it’s first on our list). It always surprises us how many smaller companies don’t have their tracking and conversions set up in the right way, or not measuring the right KPIs.

Without this foundation, marketing dollars are being spent blindly, and it’s impossible to scale or at the very least, identify what success looks like. The very first thing we like to do when working with a new business is conducting an audit on the website and all existing efforts. If you’re paying money to drive people to your website, it better be in good shape and that’s the first thing we tackle. We’ll provide you with a detailed audit complete with findings, insights, and recommendations for next steps.

Customer Acquisition

Multi-Channel Acquisition Strategy & Execution Across Social Media, SEM, SEO, Retargeting, Digital, Video, Influencers & More

We’ve managed budgets that started at a few hundred dollars a month to budgets surpassing a million per month. Based on your budget, we will create a well-informed and thought out strategy founded on research and the competitive landscape to ensure you are using your marketing dollars most efficiently. We are digitally fluent and can strategize and execute your campaigns across multiple channels including social media, search, remarketing, display and video, influencer campaigns, and more.


Email Marketing Audit, Strategy & Planning to Ensure We’re Maximizing Customer LTV & Revenue Potential

You have a successful acquisition strategy, now what? You’re bringing in customers and we can help you keep those customers, ensuring we have the right communication strategy in place to maximize revenue potential and increase Lifetime value of each customer. Whether it’s a cart abandonment strategy, or simply building out your email funnels and tracking framework, we can help implement your retention strategy.


Online Shop Funnel Optimization, On-Page Product Optimization, & Promotions to Increase Your ROI

Whether you need a Shopify store set up, or help launching your Amazon business, we can do the heavy lifting/set up/ strategy/build out. Our team has regular face to face meetings with Amazon and we are fully versed in the platform so whether you need help optimizing your listings or growing your business on Amazon, we can be that partner for you. We specialize in building eComm stores and connecting all the digital elements together, with a sound data, acquisition, and retention strategy in place.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get The Most Out Of Your Site Traffic By Increasing Your Conversion Rates and Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

We have a ‘never stop testing’ mentality. With so many great tools out there that allow us to test anything from images to copy to ways to decrease cart abandonment rates, we can help put together a testing plan, and using those findings for continuous optimization. You’d be surprised how small tweaks can make big differences in conversion rates and ultimately – the bottom line!

Social Media

User Engagement, Post Promotions, Ads, Influencer Marketing, & More

Sure, anyone can take a quick tutorial and set up Facebook and Instagram ads within minutes. When you work with experts in the space like us, we will create tailored campaigns that reach your most likeliest-to-convert audiences. Our obsession with testing means you can bet all of our campaigns will be testing multiple variables including rigorous copy testing, images and formats, videos, targeting, and goals. We are constantly drawing insights and applying that knowledge to enhance campaign performance, working towards maximizing your return on ad spend.


Increase Your Visibility With Better Search Result Rankings, Optimized Landing Pages, Google Maps Listings, and More

Whether you’re looking to appear in google organically or through paid search, we’ll get you there. We can help set up everything from search campaigns, to shopping ads, to remarketing campaigns and even programmatic (display and video ads). Based on your budgets and business objectives, we will provide recommendations on how to allocate your funds for maximum conversions.

Affiliate Marketing

Monitor Your Down Line, Increase Your Reach, Raise Awareness, Track Affiliate Sales and Compensation, & More

If you’re looking to scale your business outside the traditional media channels, and have a product that’s in demand, we can help you with your affiliate program, driving performance based strategy to grow your business with the right partners.

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At Pink Owl Media, we work as your partner to perform a comprehensive audit of your existing digital marketing activities. Based on the collected data and analysis, we form a practical and solid digital marketing strategy with agile execution. Our team aligns the data-driven strategy with your business goals to attract new customers, retain existing, convert the prospects, and improve the value of your customers over time.

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