About Us

Pink Owl Media was founded in 2008 by Irina Barskiy (IrinaBarskiy.com), a Brooklyn native, entrepreneur and digital marketer.
Her years of experience in the industry and a desire to provide better digital marketing strategies built upon analytics data sets drove her to found Pink Owl Media.

The How and Why

Pink Owl Media

Having worked at multiple startups, there was dissatisfaction with the typical agency management/relationship, where the priorities of your brand are usually muddled with other brands, and it’s hard to get that level of commitment when working with agencies. As a result, Pink Owl Media was born with the vision to be fully transparent and an extension of your team without physically being there.

We hated the approach of charging percentage of spends of ad budgets, as most agencies do, – as that doesn’t seem quite fair and you never know the true intention of getting budget increase recommendations. We also don’t love the retainer approach, as some months there can be so much work, while others may be more calm – and isn’t fair to charge you for that. We charge you only for the time we actually spend on your business – and that cost is completely within your control. 

How We Excel

Transparent & Data-Driven

We value transparency in all we do. Our specialty is startups and small to medium sized businesses, working within your budget and business objectives. We’ll be as involved as you want us to be. You will always have access to us. And we actually care about driving results. We are in the fortunate position of not taking on any business that we do not believe in. We feel our passion and desire to win separates us from the rest. 

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Why Work With Us?

At Pink Owl Media, we work as your partner to perform a comprehensive audit of your existing digital marketing activities. Based on the collected data and analysis, we form a practical and solid digital marketing strategy with agile execution. Our team aligns the data-driven strategy with your business goals to attract new customers, retain existing, convert the prospects, and improve the value of your customers over time.

Pink Owl Media

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