Email Marketing

Email Marketing is essential to online businesses. If you are not marketing the right way or your messages are not getting through, you may be losing out on a big portion of revenue.

Email marketing is becoming more challenging with each year.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are getting stricter with what they allow to pass into the inbox and what goes straight to junk. If you do get your message delivered to the inbox, you face yet another challenge of being one in a sea of many. Inbox saturation is making it more difficult for your message to stand out in the crowd and is forcing marketers to be more clever and captivating with their messages. As a result, a lot of planning and thought must go into your agenda.

Where we step in:

-        Choose the right Email Service Provider
-        Analyze and optimize your current mailing practices
-        Email template design
-        Regularly manage email messages from creation to distribution.
-        Monitor delivery and spam on your messages.
-        Provide detailed reports
-        Whitelist and Feedback Loop configuration

Choose the Right Email Service Provider

There are many different providers for any budget and choosing the right one is the first critical step in establishing your email agenda. Our experts have experience with many of the best ESPs out there and can help you choose the right one to fit your business needs.

Analyze and optimize your current mailing practices

If you have an email plan in place but aren’t meeting your goals, we will analyze and provide a report on improvements to be made.

Email template design

The layout and look of your message is one of the most key parts of your email marketing program. Our creative team can design custom email templates that will be optimized for your customer’s advantage.

Regularly manage email messages from creation to distribution.

Our full service email marketing package consists of handling everything from design to execution. We work with your company to figure out the goals of your email initiatives, and put the plan to work! Let us worry about your subject lines, spam triggers, delivery, optimization and monitoring. We provide detailed performance and if appropriate, revenue reports on a timely basis.

Monitor delivery and spam on your messages.

Keeping track of your delivery can be a full-time job on its own. Our team has the right tools at our disposal to monitor this process for you.

Whitelisting and Feedback Loop configuration

Some ISP’s require you to apply for feedback loops before you can begin mailing on new servers. Feedback loops are useful in monitoring and avoiding spam and abuse. Also, in order to achieve and maintain the ability to reach your member’s inbox, you must be whitelisted. High spam complaints will get you just the opposite: blacklisted, which is every marketers worst nightmare. The whitelist process can be difficult and lengthy, but our team can take care of this process for you.