Customer Acquisition


We connect your business to your target audience. You tell us who your market is, and our experienced media buyers will find the right outlets to present your brand. Our team will make sure you are getting the most return on investment from your marketing dollars no matter what your budget is.

Methods of Acquisition:

Display Advertising

This method of advertising is in large part used for spreading brand awareness and reminding people about your company. This usually appears in the form of banners on other websites and usually works on a CPC or CPM cost structure. CPC is cost per click, which means you are paying each time someone clicks one of your ads. CPM stands for cost per thousand, and you are paying for impressions or how much times the banner is seen.

Email Marketing

We work with several big email publishers who can send their members emails about your company directly to your target customers. Email marketing is a very effective method of advertising, as it is more personal, and can contain as much information as you want the reader to know. This is usually purchased on a CPM basis, so you pay the publishers rate per thousand people the message is sent to.


Search Engine Optimization is the method by which your website or online business increases its ranking on search engine listings. The higher a site appears on a search engine, the more visits it receives. It’s essential for growing your online business. We provide SEO services both on and off-site.

Affiliate Marketing – Increase your visibility on the internet through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to bring new business to your site by rewarding affiliates for each visitor or customer that affiliate brings. Your compensation structure can be based on several different models including: CPC (Cost-per-click, CPA (Cost-per-action), CPS/Revenue Share (Cost-per-sale). Each model has its pros and cons depending on what your business is.