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Social Media

Social media has changed consumer behavior drastically in the last few years. The power and control is now in the customer’s hands. With word of mouth being the biggest purchasing influencer, customers turn to social media to read reviews, discuss brands and voice their opinions. As a result, companies have to take a more personal and tailored approach to their customer’s needs.


It is essential to have great creative and copy for all your branding efforts. It’s a good idea to have consistent creative whether it is for ad banners for another site, a promotion on your own site, or a newsletter you send out. Our talented graphic designers can help you with any of your creative needs. We can design banners, landing pages, newsletter templates and more.


Customer Relationship Management is crucial for any business and how you approach it can really impact your long-term business and revenue potential. It’s important to develop and implement your CRM strategy as early in your business as possible, but if you haven’t done so, it is never too late. Gaining new customers can be expensive, but losing them can be even more expensive. We can help put together a strategic plan based on your unique business model that will help keep customers for longer, increase your sales, and enhance brand awareness.


Promotions engage your current members and create buzz. A successful promotion is one that will go viral and spread to a big audience, bringing your brand more attention and awareness that it might not have had before. Successful promotional campaigns require involvement and we will help you come up with the right one for you.